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Adam West and Burt Ward Team Up For Animated Batman Movie

"Just in time for the hit 1960's television show's 60th anniversary, the animated 'Batman' movie is set for next year"
Batman fans rejoice! At the "Mad Monster Party" convention in Charlotte, NC this weetkend (via Ain't It Cool), Burt Ward and Adam West confirmed that a full-length (90 minute) animated feature will be getting a release coinciding with the 50th anniversary of their groundbreaking, campy, television show. In the video below, Ward and West also announce their participation in reprising their roles as the titular Batman and his trusty young sidekick, Robin - the dynamic duo even hinted at a possible sister film in the works, POW! https://youtu.be/YOvzVVrqkJw This is huge news for anyone who misses the exploding sharks and celebrity appearances that defined the West/Ward era Batman saga. An utterly ridiculous exercise in 60's and 70's excess, Batman was an all-powerful cultural icon. Its massive popularity and status all but ruined the careers of its lead actors, and reputation for "insincerity" made it a dark mark on the comic book world for decades after. Our current culture of hyper-realistic super heroes skulking about in darkly-brooding settings - from dystopian futures to crime-ridden hell holes - has lead to a resurgence of Batman's inexplicable lightness. Throngs of fans, reintroduced through nostalgia or Adam West's recent boom in popularity (thanks, in part to Family Guy), have flocked to the Batman television show, leading to a remastered, Blu-ray release of the series last year. Seeing (or, rather, hearing) Burt Ward and Adam West team up for another go at Batman and Robin should be a real treat for fans new and old. In the words of Matt Singer (via Screen Crush) "And to Burt Ward I sayeth: I can look forward to it, and I do look forward to it. Because that sounds fantastic."


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