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Agents of SHIELD: A Theory Revisited


So a while back I wrote a theory about Phil Coulson's miraculous resurrection. I'm sorry to say that I've been proven partially wrong. Maybe. We do know how he came back (tons of experimental surgeries), or at least we haven't yet been lead to doubt the explanation. I mean, we still don't know the why. Why an ordinary agent -- although the show does admit he's one of the best -- was chosen to be brought back. Maybe he was just the lucky guinea pig, I don't know. This isn't really about that.

This is about the theory that comes from the recent revelations in the show, enhanced by my comic book knowledge. Agents of SHIELD has a rep of using some obscure characters, so it's possible something could come out of left field, but as it stands here's what I think is going down.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="464"] It all takes place in Franklin Richard's head. The end.[/caption]


My theory is thus:

Skye is an Inhuman that has now undergone a type of Terragenesis that will activate her powers and as such she will become a target for The Clairvoyant.

That's a lot to take in. Don't worry, I'll explain. It starts with...

The Alien Hidden In the Tank... Initiative?

So in the last episode the gang went searching for a miracle serum that promotes astounding cellular regeneration in order to heal Skye (who is dying from a bad case of multiple gunshots to the stomach). The same serum was used on Coulson, but caused excruciating side effects.  Blah blah blah, they were able to find it and Phil discovered it's source, codenamed T.A.H.I.T.I. (it's a magical place). [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="550"] It's this half of an alien.[/caption] My first thought was Kree, a race of big blue imperialists. Although this particular alien is a giant and while some Kree can get huge, they aren't usually portrayed as being this gigantic. So some people have speculated that it's a Frost Giant, which isn't too far-fetched. There have been tons of Thor references already this season and Disney does seem to fear straying too far from the movies. However, I still think there's a strong possibility of this being a Kree. For one, Ronan the Accuser -- another huge Kree badass -- is appearing in this year's Guardians of the Galaxy. If they're going to introduce Kree there, why not in Agents? Or better yet, why not introduce the concept in the show? But that's a loose connection, I know. They could ignore his Kree heritage pretty easily by just not saying what he is. However, there might be stronger evidence. Reddit user chaosconundrum posted a picture highlighting some writing on the alien torso: Well it's writing, sure, but how does that make it Kree? Or even alien? Remember when Ward had to infiltrate a Russian something-or-other? He found a creepy room with two people working in front of a chalk board filled with alien-looking writing. WELL TAKE A LOOK AT SOME OF IT. BOOM! Similar, no? In fact one could say they're the same language. What's with the other writing? Not sure. Maybe it's from the Kree's shape-shifting enemies The Skrulls. OH MAN. A Skrull invasion too? The Kree-Skrull war is going to hit Earth and only The Particular Team of Agents of SHIELD can stop it? Whoa, I'm getting ahead of myself, that's a topic for another time. Why is it important to this theory that this guy be a Kree? What do ya know, that's the next thing!

Why did Skye take the serum like a champ?

So it was spelled out that the serum given to Coulson nearly destroyed him and that it would most likely do the same to Skye. IN FACT, when they were about to administer it to her, after Coulson had seen Big Blue, he begged them not to inject her with it. However it was too late, they already had... And she was fine. After a bit of convulsing she began to stabilize with all signs pointing to recovery. BUT HOW? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="419"] It has something to do with these guys[/caption] The Inhumans are the product of genetic tampering on primitive man in an effort to make biological weapons. Tampering by the Kree. Yeah. You see where I'm going with this. If Skye were half human, half Kree, then of course she would take Kree DNA much better than a whole human Phil. We know that Skye was an 084 (an object of unknown origin) and that many SHIELD Agents died to protect her. Supposedly Baby Skye had powers, but nothing was ever witnessed by the agents that hid her away in the system. Even during the present time, Skye is completely unaware of any potential powers she might have. Which could fit. Inhumans are regular humans until undergoing a process called Terragenesis (in the comics it's being doused with the fictional Terragen gas) that expresses their dormant powers and can sometimes change their appearance. In the upcoming comic book event Inhumanity, the Earth gets hit with a Terragen bomb that activates millions of unsuspecting human's Inhumanity. Comic books are rife with examples of humans not knowing their Inhuman origins. What's more, there are rumors that Marvel wants to use the Inhumans as the Cinematic Universe's version of mutants (because Fox owns the X-men part of the Marvel universe, but you knew that). In fact, the aforementioned Inhumanity arc features very mutant-like teaser posters warning citizens of Inhumans hiding among the populace and asking them to get tested. Not only that, but it would be easy to make Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver -- two mutants that will be featured in Avengers 2 -- Inhumans instead of trying to ignore or sidestep the explanation of their powers. So what better way to introduce the concept of Inhumans than through the show? Skye gets hit with more Kree DNA, which acts as a type of Terragenesis that brings out her dormant powers. Then in investigating where they came from, they discover not only the existence of Inhumans, but that there are Inhumans all over the world and they don't even know it. So there's a chance we could be seeing Skye as less of a whiny dead weight and more of a badass living weapon? I know who that will interest (besides me).

The Clairvoyant is gunna want some of that

What's the deal with this Clairvoyant? Is he really clairvoyant? Is he a Marvel character? The Leader perhaps? How does he know the things he knows? How is he always one step ahead? WELL WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT ANY OF THAT! Here are the things we know about the Clairvoyant: he can "sees everything" except how Coulson came back to life and he desperately wants to find out. OH and that the organization he's manipulating, "Centipede" (ugh), is putting a ton of time and energy into creating super soldiers to sell to... someone? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="548"] Above: Super Soldier[/caption] While they've succeeded in giving humans super stuff, the soldier's bodies can't take it. They burn out quickly and require a ton of maintenance. It was fairly obvious that The Big C was manipulating the events of the past couple of episodes to force Coulson to look for the answer to his resurrection. And with a couple of Coulson's answers came the answer to the Clairvoyant's Super Soldier question. See, an army of Inhumans would sell just as well as enhanced humans or, at the very least, a serum that can heal even the most grievous wounds would go a long way to better his existing soldiers. Regardless, the Clairvoyant will be gunning for Skye to get his hands on her secret. But what do you think? Am I on to something or did I miss the mark? Is there something I'm forgetting? Let me know in the comments below.  


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