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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Kind Of Released on the Xbox One After All

What a tangled web this has been for Activison and Beenox. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been in the news lately for a pretty good reason. Originally slated to release on just about every platform known to man, reports started to slip in that retailers were canceling orders of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the Xbox One version only. Shortly after, a press release came out stating they were "working hard to bring the game to the Xbox One."
It has been pretty silent since then but now today it seems the game in fact did come out on the Xbox One but only on the Xbox Store. Was this an accidental release on the storefront or is the game actually ready to be launched on the system? Only time will tell, I would not be too surprised to see the game yanked as quickly as possible
Other than the Xbox One's special conditions, as of right now you can find The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on just about every single device today.


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