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Amy Hennig Joins Visceral Games’ Star Wars Project

Ever since leaving Naughty Dog recently, people have been wandering what is next for Amy Hennig. It turns out that she is now working for EA, more specifically Visceral Games, the folks behind the Dead Space franchise. Today's announcement by EA also says that she is now the Creative Director for Visceral's upcoming Star Wars project.

This is also a homecoming of sorts for Hennig returning to work for EA because he first gig in the gaming industry was with them back in the early 90s. Her recent tweets about this news also expressed excitement to work on the Star Wars franchise and considering her work recently at Naughty Dog with the Uncharted series, Star Wars fans should be excited for her involvement in Visceral's upcoming game.
The game itself is still ways off and maybe we'll see a teaser at E3 this June along with EA's other big Star Wars game, Star Wars Battlefront, that is headed by DICE.
Excited for what's next for Amy Hennig and for Visceral's Star Wars game? The comments section below are available for your reactions.


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