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An Inside Look at Season 2 of The Newsroom

The Newsroom
HBO's hit show The Newsroom, which centers on the inner workings of a cable news program, finally has a return date, and the show's fans will be happy to know that the second season will premiere on July 14. The first season focused on Will McAvoy, a news anchor who returns to work after a forced vacation only to find his staff has left for another show. He is forced to work with several new team members brought on during his absence, including his ex-wife, which makes for a great deal of drama throughout the season. Creator Aaron Sorkin says that "the second season of The Newsroom has a different structure than the first season did."

He goes on to describe the main difference is an overarching plot that will run throughout the season involving the news team preparing for a deposition in a wrongful termination suit. In order to avoid more awkwardness in the newsroom between him and Maggie due to their romance in the first season, Jim gets a position in the field. The show stars Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer and a great supporting cast. A new star join the cast this season: Marcia Gay Harden will be playing Rebecca Halliday, a litigator defending Atlantis Cable News in the wrongful termination suit. Look for HBO to impress viewers yet again in the second season of this creative and intelligent drama.


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