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Anarchy Reigns Now Coming to US in Q1 2013

Sega finally decided to address the status of Platinum Games' Anarchy Reigns for the US and Europe today even though the Japanese version will be released next month as Max Anarchy. Over their American Twitter account answering fans' questions, Sega confirmed a new release window for the competitive brawler, which is now the first quarter of 2013. At first, it seemed like there was no hope that this game would be released outside of Japan but fortunately, Sega finally clarified some things and now more people will get to play it. What is a little weird is deciding to release it on the most crowded quarter of the year besides the holiday rush rather than next month conciding with the Japanese release.

From the demo that came out late last month, which you can read my hands-on impressions here, it can be played fully in both English and Japanese. Even the voiceovers are English when changed in the options menu, so I'm curious what Sega sees in the big Q1 2013 release window for this game other than potentially more sales. Despite that, it is finally nice to see this great Platinum game get an official release window state-side since I personally have been enjoying the Japanese demo. For those that still want to import and not wait, it will be out in Japan next month. Otherwise, Anarchy Reigns is now out in Q1 2013 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


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