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Andy Lau Next to Join ‘Iron Man 3,’ Not As Mandarin

Iron Man 3 hasn’t been short of casting updates: yesterday we discovered that breakout star Jessica Chastain is attached to play a scientist, late last week we learned Guy Pearce would play a geneticist, and a couple weeks ago Ben Kingsley was announced as the primary antagonist. Now we learn that Andy Lau is close to sealing a deal for the Marvel film as well.

NeonPunch breaks the news of the Hong Kong actor and Cantopop singer joining the franchise as The Avengers nears its Hong Kong premiere. He will play a friend from Tony Stark’s past and a representative of the Chinese technology sector.

Initial speculation suggested Lau to be "Iron Man" villain The Mandarin, described as “an evil Chinese warlord with 10 magical rings […] that is posed [sic] to take over the world with Ancient magic from China.” However, because China will be funding a large portion of the film, that notion has been put to rest seeing as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and Infernal Affairs – the latter featuring Lau – were edited in China for their poor representations of Chinese people. Rather, it has been revealed that Lau’s character will aid Stark in taking down the villains.

Lau made a name for himself both with his successful singing career and acting in films such as Infernal Affairs and Wong Kar-wai's As Tears Go By. Filming for Iron Man 3 will take place over the summer; the film is still set to hit theaters on May 3, 2013.


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