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Anne Hathaway Joins Steven Spielberg’s ‘Robopocalypse’

Anne Hathaway stole much of the show in The Dark Knight Rises, and many expect her to do the same in Les Misérables. Although she might hit the awards campaign trail for the latter, the actress isn’t stopping to smell the roses and has lined up a role in a highly anticipated Steven Spielberg blockbuster, Robopocalypse.

Chris Hemsworth has already met with the director to discuss playing the lead role, and as he enters negotiations, The Hollywood Reporter relays that Hathaway currently negotiates to play the film’s female lead.


Robopocalypse derives from Daniel H. Wilson’s novel of the same name, in which our technological advancements turn on us in a not-so-distant future. Tom Rothman will serve as a producer on this project from DreamWorks and Fox; the latter will also take on distributing the film internationally, while Disney holds responsibilities for its stateside release.

Hathaway’s proven her worth in a variety of genres, and her “Rises” performance showcased that she could handle genre material, so she should feel right at home with Spielberg and Hemsworth on this project.

Robopocalypse is scheduled to arrive on April 25, 2014.


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