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Announcing Green Lantern Annual #1

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men writer Ethan Van Sciver posted on his Facebook page a link to the DC Comics' The Source announcement of Green Lantern Annual #1!

GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1 reunites writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver, who collaborated on GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, GREEN LANTERN: THE SINESTRO CORPS WAR and THE FLASH: REBIRTH.

"Working with Ethan means things change, things are revealed and new characters rise,” Geoff Johns revealed to THE SOURCE. “It's the madness of our collaborations that started all this and will continue it. The universe is a dangerous place. And it's about to get even more so..."

“GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1 not only brings the Black Hand story to a truly unexpected close, but sets up the major events that will heavily impact the entire Green Lantern franchise in a truly devastating way,” continued editor Matt Idelson. “And there's no more appropriate pairing for this book than reuniting Geoff Johns with Ethan Van Sciver, given the Green Lantern history those two have under their belts.”

GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1, 48 pages. is in stores on August 29th.

Following Brightest Day, Hal Jordan was fired by the Guardians. The New 52 Green Lantern #1 found Hal back on earth, back with Carol and at Ferris Aircraft. He was given a ring by Sinestro, now reinstated as a Green Lantern, and the pair have been learning quite a lot about the other Lantern Corps, most recently Black Hand and the Indigo tribe. What readers have been learning the most is every consequence of Sinestros actions and decisions, both as a Green Lantern and as leader of his rogue Sinestro Corps. It will be interesting to see, after eight years, where Johns and Van Sciver will take Earth's greatest ring-slinger. Hopefully, it will - obviously - culminate in Hal's return as a Green Lantern in good-standing. Who knows what it will mean for Sinestro, his Corps, his homeworld  and people of Korugar and Black Hand.


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