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‘Ant-Man’ Finally Enters Production

"LET'S. GET. small"
According to Payton Reed's Twitter, today marks the first day in production for Ant-Man under the new director's oversight. As fans who have kept up with the ongoing saga know, Ant-Man has hit many snags along its tumultuous  journey to becoming a reality. Ant-Man The project started development in 2006 with Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright at the helm. Known for his highly-stylised action comedies, Wright was set to direct his "pet project".  Fans of Wright delighted in the fact that his visual style, and on screen antics would finally come to a Marvel comic book movie. Wright released a teaser trailer (poor quality) at 2012's San Diego Comic Con, to massive hype over the new Marvel adaptation. Although very short, it showcases Wright's unique style behind the camera, and Ant-Man's distinctive powers. Peyton Reed Ant-Man However, in May of this year, Edgar Wright and Marvel jointly announced that he would be departing the film due to their "differences in vision for the film". Swirling with rumors at to why Wright actually left, fans were left in shock after the director's departure. Marvel quickly searched for a new director, and on June 7th, Marvel announced that Payton Reed would be Wright's replacement. Originally considered as a replacement director, Adam McKay (Anchorman, Step Brothers) declined the opportunity in favor of a screenwriting role. As to not completely cut him out of the picture, Marvel subsequently announced that they would keep some of Wright's footage for the film, as well as parts of his script. Whatever your thoughts on the continuing Ant-Man saga? Any fan can rejoice at the news that it is finally entering production, and is one step closer to making it to the big screen.


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