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Are you too rich to die?

In 2011 the Justin Timberlake movie “In Time” explored the idea of the rich being able to live forever.  It appears something’s in the air because Comeback also explores the same premise.  Comeback, however, involves time travel.  You also can’t live forever in Comeback, rather the book takes place in a world where a secret organization, Reconnect, sends agents back in time to prevent you from having an untimely death.  For example, they might stop you from stepping out into traffic where a bus would end up killing you.  Of course, this is highly illegal and, therefore, only available to the fabulously wealthy.  

The main characters are Seth and Mark, who discovers there’s a dark side to the process.  Additionally, he is put on the spot when Seth begins using the time-travel for financial gain - risking the entire company.  

The story sounds pretty interesting and it’s only a five-issue mini-series so it should be easy to make some room for it in the budget.  It’s coming out on 21 November and it’s written by Ed Brisson and Michael Walsh.


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