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Arrow Updates from Stephen Amell’s Wizard World Chicago Panel

This past Saturday, Arrow star Stephen Amell took time out from preparing for Sunday night's Summer Slam to chat a bit with the people at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago about the upcoming season of Arrow, and how the series fits into the DC universe. During the 40 minute Q&A panel, Amell genially handled questions regarding an attendee's chances of dating his co-star Emily Bett Rickards (slim to none, in case you were wondering for yourself) to whether or not the Bruce Wayen would be putting in an appearance in Star City at any point in the future. One of the big topics of the panel was everyone's favorite scene-stealer, John Barrowman. While Amell told the audience he has yet to film a scene alongside the new Ra's al Ghul yet this season ("And no one is sadder than me," offered Amell when met with a chorus of sad responses to the news), he did offer that new villain Damien Darhk has already made an impact on the show- both as a character and through actor Neal McDonough. "I will say that Neal McDonough, who is playing Damien Darhk this year, is a villain unlike we’ve had on the show. Introducing some cool things, and his performance, thus far, I’ve seen two episodes of the fourth season, is really, really interesting,” said Amell. Also of interest this year? Arrow's new sleeveless costume, which might be a hit with fans, but isn't exactly getting a ringing endorsement from Amell. "It’s a good idea optically, it’s not a good idea in Vancouver in November. So, it’s going to be great around episode 14 or 15 of the season this year, pay close attention to my arms and notice that they look a little purple.”


Amell did confirm that Felicity and Oliver "are fully together this year," but hinted that she won't be the only woman in his life this season- much to the dismay of all those assembled in the hall. He was most likely referring to the recently announced casting of Elysia Rotaru as his flashback girlfriend, so shippers of Olicity can rest easy. And, if people are still hoping for Laurel and Oliver to get back together, Amell doesn't see that happening for some time, if ever. "I think on the show, where people come back to life, that you wouldn’t be that smart to use the word ‘never,’ right? That being said, I think it’s important that we can establish relationships for Oliver, specifically relationships with female characters, that don’t involve him sleeping with them. Right? Because there are real relationships that exist in the world where men and women can work together without going home together,"said Amell. "I don’t know [if Oliver and Laurel will get back together], but I doubt it. But never say never." As for whether or not Arrow will see the appearance of any of the big name DC heroes, Amell isn't sure, but won't rule it out. “Back to the never say never thing, on a show where people come back from the dead, I had a conversation with Diane Nelson, who runs DC, and we spoke a lot about them wanting exclusivity in universes and wanting separation in universes. And her explanation essentially revolved around making the best version of each thing and not forcing crossovers for the sake of forcing them," said Amell. "So, when we get into the “heavy hitters” of the DC universe- Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, you name it, Aquaman, essentially everyone in Batman v. Superman- it’s gonna be tough. It’s gonna be tough to bring that into the show. Although I do think that, in the same way that Ezra Miller, [is] playing the Flash in the cinematic universe (theoretically, as we haven’t seen him yet), I see no reason why we couldn’t have our own Bruce Wayne. That’s my opinion. That might not be DC’s opinion, and they’re the bosses.” And when asked if Amell himself thought about suiting up in the DC movieverse, he was wouldn't rule it out, but wasn't particularly invested in the idea. "There's no contractual barriers between me being in a  movie," Amell said. "We'll see. It's also, 'Would I want to do that?' I love 'Arrow' and the universe we've helped launch, with 'Flash' and 'Legends of Tomorrow,' but I'm also super-busy." So, keep holding out hope, all of you jonesing for an Amell-brand Oliver Queen on the big screen. But, don't hold your breath.


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