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Atari U.S. Files For Bankruptcy

Atari’s US operations filed for bankruptcy on Monday, in a move designed to severe ties with their unprofitable parent.

The U.S. branch, which is joined by three other of the companies affiliates in the bankruptcy motion, are now said to be looking to secure financial aid elsewhere.

The current owners Atari SA (previously known as Infogrames Entertainment) took over the company in 2000, when the French software publisher acquired Hasbro
Interactive, whom at the time owned the Atari name.

Since their acquisition of the Atari brand the French company have struggled, with business mainly concentrating on the reproduction of their previous games, for the
mobile platform.

Founded 41 years ago Atari are responsible for a number of classic games such as Asteroids, Centipede, and Pong, all of which are still widely loved today. Their video game console, the Atari 2600, is also an iconic brand product that was and still is widely recognised as a truly pioneering invention in video game history.

So, who will acquire Atari? Is the brand actually worth saving, especially since its hey-day is surely gone? Or is Atari so iconic that they need to be part of the video game industry for many more years to come, regardless of their recent output? Share your thoughts with us below.


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