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Avengers: Age Of Ultron Concept Posters Debut At Comic-Con [Updated]

As we head into the Marvel Cinematic Universe's penultimate Phase 2 movie (next week's Guardians of the Galaxy), and we all collectively attempt to overcome the franchise's big loss earlier in the summer, sights are already firmly planted on the big, explosive book-end of Marvel's sophomore year(s). Which is to be expected, since we are right in the midst of the geeky insanity that is Comic-Con. On Wednesday, Coming Soon reported that Marvel released the first official posters for the upcoming Joss Whedon-directed super heroic sequel, which included veteran Iron Man and newbie Scarlet Witch. Yesterday, they added two more to the line-up: Captain America and Black Widow. Click for a larger version of each. [gallery columns="4" ids="55830,55832,55833,55834"] The posters' shared theme of our favorite band of heroes in peril definitely feel like a nod to the first film's final battle with the Chitauri, although it seems we can expect a much larger scale in Age of Ultron. We'll update this post as more members of the crew get their own one-sheets. UPDATE 1: We've got two new team members with their own Avengers: Age of Ultron concept posters: Hawkeye and Quicksilver (with a guest appearance by Paul Bettany's levitating Vision!) just got thrown into the epic robotic battle mix. Bask in their glory by clicking below. [gallery columns="2" ids="55844,55845"] UPDATE 2:  The gang's back together! Earlier today the last of the Avengers, Thor and Hulk, got their own concept posters for Age of Ultron. Check out the God of Thunder and puny-god-pummeling Avengers below. [gallery columns="2" ids="55892,55893"] Oh and if that is not good enough for you, how about one mega poster that reveals each individual poster was a smaller piece of a marvelous, epic whole? Meet your new wallpaper: [gallery columns="1" ids="55894"] Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in the U.S. on May 1, 2015.


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