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Superheroes and comics are eternally linked. For most people, when you say "comic book" all they think of are superheroes. In truth, there was a time when I too never thought to look outside the realm of capes and masks and impossibly shaped women to explore what the comic medium had to offer. But I come to you a changed man, and I bring with me a message: there are more to comics than capes (although we're still working on the impossibly shaped women). To enlighten, inspire, and inform you, I have assembled some of the best non-superhero comics out right now.  


Zero #1 Cover

Sci-fi Spy-fi set in the near future? Yes. Please. Featuring a unique and kick-ass art direction, the story is a well balanced mix of violence and espionage. Well worth your time, and best of all, it's just starting out! They're only up to issue 3!

Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth

Todd The Ugliest

A hilarious comic book full of demons, axe murderers, and some of the most insane characters out there. The comic follows the misadventures of the most dysfunctional family you can imagine going against unspeakable forces of evil. This comic is most definitely not for everyone, but if you're not afraid of crude, referential humor then you're going to love this. Kind of like Kevin Smith-meets-Preacher. Does that trip your trigger? Yes? Then give it read.


Tired of zombies? I know I am. That's why I was hesitant about this comic at first, but it actually does the proto-typical "zombie" differently. I know! An awesome blend of mystery, magic, drama, gore, and philosophy, the story centers around a small Wisconsin town after the dead come back to life. I know what you're thinking: come back as zombies, right? Not really. They come back as they were before, just like a regular person, only... different. It's creepy, cool, and an all around fun read.


Fables is a hugely popular, long running series that's just now seeing some recognition in other mediums. Basically all the world's fairy tales are forced out of their worlds and into ours, trying to hide in plain sight. It seems kinda derivative now, but it was crazy original when it came out! The story telling is masterful, the art is almost always great, the characters are solid, and its use of fairy tales and their worlds is amazing. The series is ending, but there are a ton of spin-offs and one shots to keep you engaged. I missed a bunch of issues in the middle, but plan on picking up the omnibus when it hits shelves. So should you.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] That's technically a cloak not a cape[/caption] Man. Saga does not need another person going on about how awesome it is. Six billion people on this planet and 5.9 billion rave about this comic. And for a reason. It's great. Describing it is a tricky situation. It's just so weird. A meld of fantasy and sci-fi, it has Lying Cats, bounty hunters, an interplanetary war, tree starships, ghost babysitters, spidery ex-girlfriends, gratuitous sex, and vicious violence. There's not really another comic like it anywhere. There are a few that get close, but never replicate. Brian K. Vaughan's story is so completely his and Fiona Staple's art is one of the top three out there right now.  This is a must-read for comic fans, but not even really comic fans. Fans of unique stories. This is a comic you show people who aren't into comics and go "this is what it can be. These are the stories we can tell." But make sure they're old enough, because this comic is 100% not for kids.  


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