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Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: Comic-Con Cuties

While at Baltimore Comic-Con I came across a booth for Comic-Con Cuties. Curious to find out what the deal was, I decided to interview one of the organizers.

Me: I'm here with Tom Gordon of Comic-Con Cuties. Can you tell us a little bit about the website?

Tom Gordon: Sure, absolutely. Primarily we haven't launched the initial website yet, we're still in the process of setting that up. What Comic-Con Cuties is - Comic-Con Cuties promotes cosplay and models. So if you have a retail business or a store or a signing or looking for people to help bring in customers and get attention for what you're doing - obviously people like people in cosplay costumes and we have models to help you do that.

We have courteous, professional models from all over the country that are willing to travel and attend conventions, do signings at stores. We can get you someone for any event.

Me: So are you guys trying to be the premier modeling agency for cosplay models?

T.G.: I don't know if I'd go totally and say that. I have friends in cosplay and the girls are all into pop culture and cosplay so it's a nice mix being able to bring two worlds together because we have contacts in the modeling industry. It's nice to be able to bring professional models in if that's what you're looking for, especially models that love comics.

Me: Since the website's not ready yet, what's the best place people should go to take a look?

T.G.: The best place is to visit us on Facebook. Look up Comic-Con Cuties on Facebook, like us on there. We're in the process of setting up a 12 month calendar that we'll be unveiling in the next month or so.

Then I went to interview some of the models there. I interviewed them from right to left in this image.

The Girls of Comic-Con Cuties

Me: How did you ladies get involved with Comic-Con Cuties?

Jieyi: I was always a Cosplayer, more into anime. And actually one of my friends introduced me to Tom and Briana and that's how I started.

Hailey Scott: Pretty much the same. I love dressing up and I love going to the conventions. I'm a huge nerd, I love video games. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me.

Romy: I'm totally new to this. I got into it for the calendar event. But I like it so far.

Me: And do any of you guys do modeling outside of Comic-Con Cuties?

Jieyi: For me, not really. (laughs)

Hailey: Yes, I have collaborated in lots of things.

Romy: I've done some modeling.

Me: How do you like Baltimore Comic-Con so far?

Jieyi: Well, we didn't see anything start yet, but I'm pretty sure it'll be nice.

Hailey: So far it's been cool. The people have been really nice. There are already things I've seen that I want to buy. Like some swords over there. (laughs)

Romy: So far so good. I feel a little weird wearing my costume, but I love it.

Me: So how far did you travel to come here?

Jieyi: I'm from Philly. We drove so it took two hours.

Hailey: I'm from Ohio, so I took a plane here. Which was delayed.

Me: So how far do you typically travel for Comic-Con Cuties?

Hailey: I'll go anywhere. I love it! It's just so much fun.

Romy: I would travel the world for Comic-Con Cuties!

(Everyone giggles)

Me: Thank you.

All: Thank you.

There is plenty more to come from my time at Baltimore Comic-Con - interviews with creators, information from panels, and more!  So make sure you keep coming back over the next few days to PlayerAffinity.com to get the best info from Baltimore Comic-Com!


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