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Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: Run for your Lives!

There’s no denying it - zombies are huge again.  Perhaps it’s because of the great storytelling in The Walking Dead or maybe we just love falling for zombies every few years.  At Baltimore Comic-Con I came across a zombie-surrounded booth and decided to see what was going on.

Me:  I’m here with Abby Tang from “Run for Your Lives”.  Tell me, what that is.

Abby Tang:  “Run for Your Lives” is a 5k obstacle course but unlike traditional 5k mud runs in this one our players are running from zombies.  They’re being chased through the course and it’s a survival of the fittest.

Me:  What happens if the zombies catch you?

AT:  You have three lives like your average video game and when all your flags are taken by the zombies then you’re dead.  You get to finish the course and go to the after party, but unfortunately you’ll be celebrating as one of the undead.

Me: So do they become zombies and, in turn, try to catch other runners?

AT:  They do not.  They finish up the course and still get a medal, but they’re just not among the living.  

Me:  So what can you tell me about the upcoming Baltimore event?

AT:  The Baltimore event is a 2-day event held on Oct 27 and 28th in Darlington, MD.  Saturday is completely sold out, so right now there are only spots left for Sunday and spots are filling up pretty fast.  

Me:  Thank you very much.

AT: Thank you.

Patrick Klepek of Giant Bomb recently participated in one of these races and seemed to really enjoy it.  If you want to see if there’s still room in the Baltimore event or if you want to see if it’s coming to your area, check out their website HERE!

Run for your Lives!


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