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Baltimore Comic-Con: AZ Power Girl

When we go to comic book conventions (or really any kind of convention) we mostly go to connect with creators of the media that we love or to buy and sell that hard to find artwork.  We notice the models working the booths because that’s what they’re there for - to draw us in so that we check out whatever their boss is peddling.  But we rarely get to know these people.  This is the second in a series of interviews I did with models at Baltimore Comic-Con.  

As I was rounding the convention floor I came across someone who looked exactly like the pre-New 52 Power Girl.  Since there weren’t too many cosplayers who also had a booth, I was curious and struck up the following conversation.

AZ Power Girl
Me: I’m here with Cara Nicole, also known as Arizona Power Girl.  How’d you get into this?

CN:  I actually started this as charity.  I joined a Justice League of Arizona and we did charity events: collecting toys for children, collecting money for children, and lots of different stuff.  

Me:  When you were talking to someone else here at your booth, you mentioned that you also write and you also are a model for some books.  Can you talk about that a little bit?

CN:  Yeah, I’m on the cover of Twisted History and I’m also going to be on the cover of the next trilogy that company is coming out with in December.  I’m a model for Project Shadows and I also write in Project Shadows, Bianca Thompson’s Dead Divas.  I’ve worked for Mark Ronner - I haven’t modeled for his book, but I’ve modeled for his booth.  

Me:  What’s the most important thing people need to know if they want to hire you for writing, modeling, or appearing at comic conventions?

CN:  Keep in touch.  Pay me.  It’s true, this isn’t free you have to pay to get to where the event is.  Oh, and make sure if you hire a booth babe that she SELLS YOUR PRODUCT and doesn’t just look pretty in your costume.  Some girls just want to look pretty in a costume, but you need them to sell your product so you can make more money.

Me:  That’s true, I’ve seen a lot of booth babes where they get a lot of photos, but they don’t take people in to see the product.  So what website or what part of facebook should people go to find you?

CN:  www.azpowergirl.com, www.azpowergirl.net, www.facebook.com/azpowergirl.  Just google az powergirl.  On Youtube I’m The AZ Powergirl.  

Me:  Thank you very much for talking with me.

CN:  Thank you.


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