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Why Batfleck is the Batman We’ve Always Wanted… Unfortunately

Despite the Internet's initial outcry, the Batman side of the oncoming DC Cinematic Universe is increasingly promising. To the point where I would say that this Batman might be the most Batman Batman to Batman yet. And that's a bit of a shame. Let me explain. First, lets look at the history of cinematic Batman, which has always sat on a spectrum of Batman-ness. Burton's Batman movies, heavily influenced by German Gothic cinema, were darker than the Batman mainstream audiences were used to, but missed some of the magic of the comics. Joel Schumacher's Batman movies, well, you know, and The Dark Knight Trilogy, while well-made and engaging, sacrificed a lot of the comic world in order to complete the vision. Scott Snyder's Batman, from what we've seen, seems to be the closest we've gotten to the sweet spot between realistic and comic book-y. Which is awesome! The only problem is that this isn't a standalone movie we'll be seeing him in, he's co-staring a movie with Superman. Surely, they'll make Batfleck Batman movies in the future. Not officially. At least not until after 2020. So, if we go by the official word, all we'll see of this super cool Batman are the glimpses in other property's movies. We'll never really "visit" the world, only seeing the bits and pieces. But maybe that's a good thing. We've been close to over-saturation of Batman as of late, so maybe this method will make it more marketable. It may even make him more mysterious and the glimpses of his world that much cooler. However, the pendulum must swing, so whenever it's rebooted again we'll get another, different iteration of Batman. Which means we'll lose what could be the best onscreen Batman yet! What kind of madman would allow this thing to happen? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="237"] Goyer![/caption] Now, honestly, let's be fair. Would Warner Bros. walk away from all the money a Batman movie could bring in? Of course not. It's entirely possible that we'll get a Man of Steel 2 and one, if not more, Batman movies in the future. Let's hope it's soon, because Ben isn't getting any younger and these movies are very much a young man's game. We'll be lucky to get him him in the cowl past 2020. Which makes this version of Batman so frustratingly fleeting. What's more, since a Batman movie isn't officially a part of the DCCU, how forced is it going to feel to just be squeezed in? Will it be a stand-alone story? Would they break model to such a degree? Would WB really not take the chance to build up more of the universe in the movie with arguably the most built-in audience? I don't think so. So I'd much rather have no Batman movie than one forced in to capitalize on the Bat-Name But what do you think? Is the fleeting nature of this Batman a decent price to pay for its quality? Is it going to bomb hard anyway so why does it matter? Let me know in the comments below.


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