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Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed to 2015

Originally slated for a October release, Batman: Arkham Knight now joins the "delayed to 2015" club today according to WB Games and Rocksteady. A new teaser video however was released along with the delay announcement about what will be shown at E3 next week, which is a new multiplayer mode. Nothing much was shown in the new Batmobile battle mode in the trailer below other than various weapon loadouts on the infamous vehicle.

Since the Batmobile will play a more pivotal role gameplay wise in Arkham Knight, it is no surprise that the car combat will have it's own mode that will take place in the Gotham streets. It could be similar to Mario Kart or Twisted Metal, but we'll find out more next week.
The delay at this rate shouldn't be that surprising with the majority of games recently not making the holiday season, but this does make Q1 2015 more interesting assuming that is the new release window for the conclusion of the Arkham trilogy.
Bummed that another highly anticipated game is not coming out this year? Let us know in the comments below.


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