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Batman Creators at Baltimore Comic-Con

The Baltimore Comic-Con news is pouring out like water from a fire hydrant now!  (It IS this weekend)  Don’t forget to check Player Affinity for the best Baltimore Comic-Con coverage as I’ll be attending it this weekend.  Expect great coverage during the weekend and the week following it.  Well, onto the news!

It’s going to be a Bat-tastic time at Baltimore Comic-Con!  Creators from three of the five New 52 Batman books will be at Baltimore Comic-Con!  Neal Adams, writer on Batman: Odyssey (which takes place outside the New 52 continuity) will also be there.

I’m most excited about the creative team behind Batman of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.  Snyder has been telling some pretty incredible Batman stories for the past few years - first on Detective Comics pre-New 52 and now on Batman.  And Greg Capullo’s art has been fantastic!  Together they have created one of the best comics out there from the Big Two - the story rocks and the visuals are creative and a mix of standard comic tropes, metaphorical visuals, and movie angles.  

I’m also quite excited about what Peter J Tomasi has been doing with Batman and Robin.  He’s exploring a side of Batman we don’t get to see too often in the modern times - he’s being forced to open up to Robin because he’s also trying to be a great father.  It also serves as a great compliment to what Grant Morrison is doing with the characters in Batman, Inc.

Finally, David Finch, who’s been working on Batman: The Dark Knight will also be there.  While I haven’t liked his plotting, his gritty visuals have given us a Gotham closer to what we’ve seen in the Nolan movies. 


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