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Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC Revealed

"Prototype weapons and snow storms are the order of the day in this 5th and final scheduled DLC for Battlefield 4"
With Battlefield: Hardline coming out early next year, it only makes sense to put a cap on the troubled yet incredibly funĀ Battlefield 4. The Final Stand looks to do just that by bringing something entirely new to the Battlefield 4 experience, largely snowy landscapes and prototype weapons.
Details are slim but what we do know is there will be as always four new maps to play on along with some expanded hardware. Expect to see rail guns blasting players from afar and hover tanks rumbling across the powdered maps. These are the only two DICE have confirmed but they surely have hinted at more things to come.
To find out more details, check out the Battlefield blog here and the video below.


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