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Perhaps you thought Grant Morrison would have his hands full reinventing Superman in Action Comics and finishing up his years-long Batman epic in Batman, Inc.  Well, you’d be wrong, because this September he’s publishing his first work with Image Comics.  The mini-series, with art by Darick Robertson, is pretty much Grant Morrison all the way.  

The main character is an ex-cop hit man who has a blue, featured pony named Happy as his partner.  Or, as Morrison describes it:

"I wanted to do a classic Christmas story – like A Christmas Carol or It's A Wonderful Life – but with all the junkies, killers and pedophiles which make our modern world so colorful!"

He also extolled the virtues of being able to work on the book at Image:

"As much as I enjoy making monthly superhero books, there's something very exciting and inspiring about creating a complete, original story from whole cloth and I'm grateful to Image Comics for seeing the potential of this project and giving it a home," said Morrison. "After a banner year for creativity at the company, Darick and I hope we can round 2012 out on a high note with the most twisted Christmas crime story you'll ever read."

The first issue goes on sale 26 September and the final issue will be released Christmas week. 


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