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The Best Comic Book Romances

It's the day of Valentine! A day of romance and chocolate! We celebrate all things love: cards, flowers, stuffed animals, candy in heart shapes, candy in rectangle shapes, expensive dinners, Deadpool in theaters. It's a grand day for couples everywhere. Though god help you if you're single. To get in the Valentines Day spirit, I've compiled a list of some of the greatest loves in comic book history. A tapestry of romance decades in the making. Turn up the AC, because this article is about to get hot. [caption id="attachment_80100" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Are-you-a-beer One of the Greatest Romances of All Time[/caption]

Batman and Various Dead Girlfriends

Batman has had a ton of loves over the years. Some of you may throw out Catwoman. Oh, Catwoman. Sure. That's what everyone says, and, honestly, are they really that good together? I mean, what have they actually done as a couple? NO NEED TO LOOK IT UP-- nothing, it's nothing, they've done nothing. Cats and bats don't even go together in nature. Now Talia al Ghul! That's a good love interest. They even had a kid! Which is like the only way in the world to judge a good relationship. She's a good match for him, their relationships are layered, and there's a really cool subplot about the in-laws. It's a really steamy back-and-forth. You know... until she dies. There's also Vesper Fairchild, who was a real red-hot affair... before she died. Then there was Jezebel Jet, who had a real racy story line as a woman who was sent to kill the Bat but fell in love, and then died. Lets not forget Natalia Knight, who really lit the pages on fire... um... before she "disappeared".


Daredevil and Various Dead Girlfriends

Daredevil may not be able to see, well, anything, but he can see his way into a lady's heart. Romance is as strongly tied to the Daredevil mythos as extreme graphic violence. But since there are so many romances to choose from, where to begin? Well, how about the most famous? Elektra was the perfect match for Matt, able to handle things on her own, tough as nails, resourceful and surprisingly vulnerable. Frank Miller's run, her introduction, is one of the strongest examples of romance in comic books. Probably of all time. It's the sterling example that all romances must live up to. Then, of course, she died and Daredevil felt sad. Then there was Karen Page. Most of you may know her from the Netflix show, but she's an even bigger deal in the comics. Matt and Karen's romance raged across multiple story arcs, across trials and tribulations. We saw their love survive Karen's time in Hell Kitchen, her road back from drug dependency, and, of course, her death. Daredevil, as you can imagine, ha ha ha, man he felt sad. [caption id="attachment_80102" align="aligncenter" width="577"]karen_page ROMANTIC![/caption]

Spider-Man and Guilt (and Various Dead Girlfriends)

If there's one thing Spider-Man loves more than the well-placed quip, it's guilt. For his entire run at Marvel, he's been courting guilt like Thanos courts Death or Stan Lee courts Jack Kirby's ideas. It's one of the longest lasting relationships in comics, and my not be the steamiest, but it's one of those tried and true romances that just lasts. But let's not forget Gwen Stacy, arguably Spidey's greatest love! She was smart, capable, gorgeous. She brought the small, shy, self-conscious "Puny Parker" out of his shell and made him into the man he is today. To this day, she's recognized as one of the greatest love interests the Web Head has ever had, remembered fondly by all. Except, of course, the part where she died and drove Spider-Man right back into the arms of guilt. Also Jean Dewolff and Silver Sable were pretty good before they died. Mary Jane Watson was alright. I guess. Before the devil ate their marriage or something. [caption id="attachment_80103" align="aligncenter" width="496"]Spider-Man This is pretty much par for the course[/caption]

Cyclops and Jean Gray

Is there no greater symbol of love in comics than Scott Summers and Jean Gray? Across time and space, against powerful alien foes, and in magnificent coastal cities they've romanced. So much that perv Mister Sinister wants their baby so badly. It has even rivaled the torrid love affair of Wolverine and Jean Gray. Then, I guess, she died. But this time he killed her and it was tragic... so... romantic. Death-Gray Happy Valentine's Day!


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