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The Best (and Worst) Things About DC Rebirth

Starting in May, DC Comics is undergoing another company-wide event. Not really marketed as a reboot, this Rebirth even will see a lot of titles starting over as well as a few new titles. There's also something about twice-monthly titles and cheaper issue-to-issue prices, but who cares about that? It seems to be kind of a mixed bag as far as responses. Some people seem to be lambasting them as another New 52, others are saying that it hasn't changed enough. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the movies about to hit theaters either. Don't even think about it. Anyway, since I know you're all here to see how I feel about it, I thought I should let you know. In the form of a list. dc-comics-rebirth

I Think Retooling is Good

You want to keep things fresh, DC, I get it. In fact, I encourage it. Retooling time to time is healthy for a medium tailor-built to never end. Batman and Superman titles will continue on for as long as DC Comics exists. They have for over 70 years and may go on for 70 more. You gotta shake things up here and there. My worry is that they go down the road of Marvel and a lot of their "tweaks" are just aligning the comics with the movies instead of fixing the actual story problems. Especially this early, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. All the DCCU movies will make a ton of money, but will they have staying power? What am I saying, money is staying power. rebirth1

Some Interesting Titles

Are you reading this list? No? Do it. Do it. Now that you're back, lets discuss this. We have the usual pile of obligatory titles. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, various Batmans, Superman, both Green Arrow and Lantern. Nightwing is back, which is cool, as is Red Hood and the Outlaws (I believe it's Red Hood & Arsenal now, right?). Batman Beyond's coming back? Hey, cool! What interests me more, however, are these new titles. The biggest strength of a "retooling" is the ability to easily insert a whole load of new titles. Did you see these? BATGIRL & THE BIRDS OF PREY? That's pretty interesting. The title I'm most into, though? THE SUPER-MAN. What's that all about? I couldn't find anything online for it, so as far as I know it's brand spanking new. Also a Superwoman title, who I know as a villain, which could be kinda cool. And Super Sons. Lot of super things. [caption id="attachment_80340" align="aligncenter" width="307"]A Horse and a Cat Speak of Revolt You're leaving some super things out, DC[/caption]

I Feel Like I'm Losing Connection

Here's my biggest problem with Rebirth. I know it has actually been years, like five years, but it feels like I've just gotten invested in the current state of things. Maybe it's my fault for getting invested in anything in the big two, but I can't help it. And now, on the precipice of another company-wide change, I just feel... blaugh. I know that I said earlier that I encourage retooling, I think it can be great, but I do think that it needs to be spaced out more. Mostly for the reason I listed above. Characters like Batman and Superman have a built in audience, you don't have to develop that, but you do have to develop a connection. Over the various arcs, I care about Batman now, I care about Swamp Thing, I care about... other... character. If it's a huge change, I have to start over again. If this makes a ton of money, you bet we'll see another retooling soon. Over the years we'll get them sooner and sooner until we're caught in some sort of swirling maelstrom of unending change built upon an unstable canon that shifts like the desert sands. DC characters will be nothing more than a collection of buzzwords and images that we can briefly identify with before they're consumed by the ceaseless engine of reinvention. [caption id="attachment_80341" align="aligncenter" width="420"]Superman Seemingly Kills with a Car I miss the fun times, like these![/caption] BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK? Excited? Disturbed? Apathetic? Enchanted? Let me know in the comments below.


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