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Bethesda Announces New F2P Game Battlecry

Bethesda today announced a new F2P title for the PC developed by Battlecry Studios. Unsurprisingly called Battlecry, this class-based multiplayer action game is being made by folks that worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Half-Life 2, and Dishonored.
The game takes place at the beginning of the 20th century and after a grueling world war. The big theme revolves around the fact that there is no firearms and the factions have agreed to not use gunpowder against each other. The classes revealed so far tie along with that ranging from a tech archer, a broad swordsman, and a dual-wielding expert with stealth abilities. The trailer for Battlecry can be seen below.

The game is still ways off with the beta rolling out sometime in 2015, but Battlecry does have interesting potential based from the concepts alone and the prior experience Battlecry Studios had with past games with big multiplayer components. We will see more of this game in the coming months as more classes and maps are revealed along with the free to play mechanics.


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