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Beyond Good and Evil Free for Ubisoft Club

"Ubisoft Building Awareness for Sequel"
Ubisoft makes its 2003 action-adventure platformer, Beyond Good and Evil, free for subscribers this October. The release follows in the trails of Ubisoft's report at E3 that a sequel for the game entered pre-production. An announcement of the sequel was first given in 2008. beyond-good-and-evil-hd-7jpg-0d244a_1280w Developed by Michel Ancel, creator of the Rayman series, Beyond Good and Evil was originally envisioned as the first of a trilogy. Though critically acclaimed, sales of the game were comparatively lackluster. It was released for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and Windows. A HD re-release of the game was made available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in 2011. Beyond Good and Evil features a variety of game mechanics that include navigating obstacles, puzzle-solving, combat, and stealth. The protagonist of the game is supported by companions whom she meets throughout her journey and assists the player throughout the game. Beyond Good Evil 2 With the game's free release for Ubisoft Club subscribers, players will be able to experience the unique qualities and story that will be expanded upon sometime in the future. Besides a teaser trailer released for Beyond Good and Evil 2, all other aspects of the game have been left to speculation. Ubisoft's latest move will allow prospective players to make a more informed opinion in drawing expectations for Beyond Good and Evil's successor.


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