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BioWare Montreal is Making the Next Mass Effect Game

In a recent blog post, BioWare has announced that their Montreal team will be making the next Mass Effect game and it will run on the Frostbite 2 engine. The Mass Effect franchise has been previously in the hands of BioWare's Edmonton team, but they now moved on towards making a completely new IP. The Montreal team though is no stranger to the series as they worked on Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, some parts of its campaign, and the upcoming Omega DLC that is coming out on November 27th. Some of the Edmonton folks will oversee this new game such as executive producer Casey Hudson, but there will be a new project director from the Montreal side.

The Frostbite 2 engine has been becoming a mainstay for EA games as it is also being used for Dragon Age III: Inquistion, BioWare's latest installment of their other RPG franchise. BioWare has said in the past that new Mass Effect games will not feature Commander Shepard since that arc is over, but there is still so much to tell with other stories that the series is capable of.

It will be a while until we get new information about this new Mass Effect game, but there is still tons of Mass Effect out now and the coming weeks for players to excited about. There is Mass Effect Trilogy, which features all three games released so far in one package, that is already out on Xbox 360 and December 4th on Playstation 3. The WII U version of Mass Effect 3 coming out this week before the system's launch this Sunday, which has new gamepad controls. Then there is the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3 that is coming out on November 27th on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for $20 or 1600 Microsoft Points. I will be going hands-on with that DLC and expect my impressions some time after it is released. Excited that a new team will be working on the Mass Effect franchise? Let us know in the comments below.



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