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Blizzard Christens Upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm

With only three weeks to spare before BlizzCon 2013, Blizzard Entertainment has finally exhibited a stroke of creativity with the third title of their upcoming and three-years teased MOBA. Formally known as Blizzard DOTA and Blizzard All-Stars, the multiplayer online battle arena has officially been christened, Heroes of the Storm.

Though Blizzard still has withheld announcing a release date or beta period, Heroes of the Storm will receive extra attention this year at BlizzCon next month. Towards the end of day one, Blizzard has scheduled an hour long overview presentation; the following day a panel will dive deeper into the development cycle of the game with an hour of matches being played following the panel discussion.

BlizzCon 2013 will convene in Anaheim, CA on November 8, 2013.


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