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Blizzard Releases Opening Cinematic for Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

After the successful launch over two years ago of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Blizzard has finally released not only footage of the gameplay for its follow-up expansion, Heart of the Swarm, but also released the opening cinematic to the game. Considering the following that Starcraft has built from the start, this is sure to be a successful game, as we approach the launch date of March 12th. This launch, priced as an expansion to Starcraft II as opposed to a full game, will focus in on the Zerg and Sarah Kerrigan as she attempts to gain control of the swarm.

After watching both of these videos numerous times, it is clear this game will bring plenty to the Starcraft fan, hardcore or casual, to enjoy and learn as the story develops even farther. Expect new units, a new battle.net, and quite a bit more fun to be had in Heart of the Swarm.


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