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BloodBorne Gameplay Footage Leaked

The fact that BloodBorne was announced during the Sony press conference wasn't a huge surprise. The fact that there was simply a CG trailer for the reveal was. A few days before E3 there were some postings and gifs of the previously named "Project Beast" that had slipped out showcasing actual gameplay. There was no more than thirteen seconds of it but it was enough to get fans of the Souls games in a fuss.
Well it seems like there was in fact a gameplay trailer that previewed raw footage from the game which is now BloodBorne. Considering how the game is running in the trailer, it's no wonder this was replaced with a quick teaser trailer. But now thanks to the power of the internet you can see what was most likely initially going to be shown!

The game drips with the atmosphere that is given off by its spiritual predecessors (?) Dark Souls and Demon's Souls. The game looks like it'll be playing in the same ballpark as those two but changing a few things in the process, most notably the weapons. We can see in the two minute long trailer that the character seems to wield two weapons, a shotgun and what seems to be a massive, horrifying razor blade. My guess is we will see a few more weapons mixed in but there could be a much larger emphasis on weapon upgrading and enhancements compared to the Souls games.
Bloodborne is set to release on 2015 exclusively on the Playstation 4.


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