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BOOM! Studios to Release Clive Barker’s New Comic ‘Next Testament’

Clive Barker, prolific author, director, producer, and illustrator mostly recognized for his work in the horror genre, has a new book on the horizon. It's called Next Testament and it's coming to you from BOOM! Studios with interior art by Haemi Jang (whose work can be found on another Clive Barker property: Hellraiser: The Road Below) and covers by Goni Montes.

Issue 3 Cover
Originally titled New Genesis, possible legal trouble with DC forced BOOM! to rename it Next Testament. The book tells the tale of a man named Julian Demond who, while on a walkabout he believes is a mission from God, meets a figure calling himself Wick who says that he is, in fact, God. The press release gets a bit vague from there, but we do know their various escapades would take place all over the globe.

The comic will be co-written by Barker and his writing partner Mark Miller (not to be confused with Mark Millar, Kick-Ass creator and longtime Scot) who promises, "...something the likes of which you've never seen. Prepare yourselves for a horrific fantasy of Biblical proportions.” Also, as the press release is quick to point out, Next Testament marks the first time Barker has created and written an orginial comic book series.

Next Testament Cover
Look for the 12 issue series from BOOM! Studios starting May 29th.


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