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Breaking Bad Extends The Length of Final Two Episodes

As all of you Breaking Bad fans know, the epic show is coming to an end very soon. With only two more episodes to go, viewers are going crazy in anticipation, wondering what will happen to Walt and Jesse. The last time we saw Walt, he was being picked up by a van, and Jesse was chained up, forced to cook meth again, in exchange for keeping him alive. Just to get people really excited, and since clearly nobody has had enough of Breaking Bad yet, the final two episodes will have a run time of 75 minutes each. If the next two episodes are just as exciting as the last one we saw, it seems like it will be hard for fans to handle such long episodes. The news came from a tweet via Peter Gould, a writer and co-producer of the show. 

Breaking Bad
is a drama starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. Throughout the five-season run, the two of them have been involved in the world of cooking meth, due to Walt's cancer treatments and his need for money. There is plenty of buzz swirling around the series finale, and with less than two weeks away, they have premiered a poster especially for the series finale. The poster features the iconic RV that Walt and Jesse used to cook their first batch of meth, a nod to the history of the show and how far the characters have come since the beginning. After Walt has turned absolutely ruthless in recent episodes, in some ways, it will be nice just to have the madness over with. 

Breaking Bad


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