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Capcom Announces Another Resident Evil 6 Demo For This Month

Even though Playstation 3 owners can finally play the demo of Resident Evil 6 that was packaged with Dragon's Dogma this week, Capcom announces a new demo for the game to released on Septemeber 18 for both Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network. This demo will have new levels featuring the game's three playable main characters Leon, Chris, and Jake. Leon's portion in this demo takes place in Ivy University. Jake's level features fights against the J'avo with Sherry. Chris's level takes place at Edonia with his partner Piers. The final game will also have a fourth campaign starring Ada Wong along with the three protagonists already mentioned, co-op both local and online, and versus multiplayer modes.

Other than this new demo announcement, early copies of the game have been sold over at Poland recently as Capcom claims they were stolen. The trailer below shows off the Resident Evil Network, a service tracking stats, leaderboards, friends playing the game to be invited for co-op sessions, and more. This will be available both on browsers and as an app on smartphones when the game is released. Resident Evil 6 comes out on October 2 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The PC version also slated to be released at the end of the year.


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