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Capcom Announces ‘Marvel vs. Capcom Origins’ for XBLA, PSN

More classic Capcom fighting games are on the way for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network in September as Marvel Super Heroes and the first Marvel vs. Capcom will be bundled together in a $15 package called Marvel vs. Capcom Origins. Capcom Unity didn't say who is developing it yet, but considering it has the same stat, challenge and achievement tracking from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, it's safe to say that the folks that worked on the 3rd Strike re-release are working on these ports. Marvel Super Heroes was Capcom's first fighting game featuring Marvel's finest heroes and villains and the "Infinity Gem" gameplay concept, since Thanos was the last boss in arcade mode. Yup, gems have been in a Capcom fighter before Street Fighter X Tekken. Marvel vs. Capcom was the next evolutionary step of crossover fighting games after X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Street Fighter including Mega Man, Venom, Captain Commando, and Strider-Hiryu in their fighting game debuts.

As with past Capcom downloadable fighter re-releases, graphics filters are there to spice up the old visuals along with online play that includes spectator mode and replays. However, there is no word yet if Capcom is including the infamous GGPO netcode that was last year's 3rd Strike Online Edition. It is also playable this weekend at the Evolution Championship Series, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world at Las Vegas, and San Diego Comic-Con next weekend for those to want to try it out. The announcement trailer is below showing off that these are true arcade ports and not gimped up like the Saturn, Playstation, and Dreamcast versions. Marvel vs. Capcom Origins will cost $15 or 1200 Microsoft Points and slated for a September release for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.


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