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Capcom Announces Monster Hunter 4G/Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 has been out for a while now at Japan for the Nintendo 3DS, but that doesn't stop Capcom from announcing the upgraded version. US audiences have been clamoring for news whenever the latest Monster Hunter is coming stateside and Capcom's answer is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, otherwise known as Monster Hunter 4G at Japan. 4G is expected to be released sometime this fall while Ultimate is coming to the US early next year for the 3DS. Yes, it is a long wait for it to come stateside, but at least we are finally getting some version of Monster Hunter 4 and the Ultimate version is for the better with more content such as more areas and monsters to take on than the vanilla version.

If you haven't seen any Monster Hunter 4 footage, the latest game takes the franchise to new bounds with improvements to player mobility along with of course new monsters to hunt. While most fans prefer playing these games on a handheld, some fans do prefer playing it on a bigger TV. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was a success for Capcom on the Wii U, and also my sleeper hit of last year, but the lack of a Wii U version announcement for 4 Ultimate is a bit concerning. I won't be surprised if it gets announced later this year, but there is also the Wii U's current struggles sales-wise to consider as well. The announcement trailer is above as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be released on early 2015 for the 3DS.


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