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Capcom Announces Okami HD Only For PSN

One of Capcom's underappreciated classics in the last generation of consoles is getting the HD treatment this fall exclusively for the Playstation Network. Okami HD is not just another game coming to PSN under the "PS2 Classics" brand. This is a complete remaster of the original game with HD graphics, trophies (there is a platinum one for those trophy hunters), and Playstation Move support. The Move controller is not mandatory to play this game, but it is another way to deal with Amaterasu's celestial brush controls. The original Okami by Clover Studio, now a part of Platinum Games, came out late in the Playstation 2 era and was a critical darling among the gaming press for its impressive cel-shaded visuals at the time and often compared to Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series in terms of the gameplay formula being used. It came also out on the Wii a couple years later with Wiimote and Nunchuk controls, but we finally get to see the game in glourious widescreen and HD with this new PSN version.

Capcom did not say who is developing this port, but it seems like a team within the famed publisher is handling it similar to the recent HD ports they released in the last year. Okami was also known for its notorious length as it was a pretty long game to beat and perhaps too long for most people, especially me who played the original version for a bit, but stopped halfway. This HD remaster is gonna be great for folks that missed it the first time and those who didn't complete it back then will have another chance to do it. The announcement trailer below shows off comparisons between the two versions and Move controls. Okami HD will be released this fall only on the Playstation Network for 20 dollars.


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