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Capcom Arcade Cabinet Details Released

Capcom yesterday revealed details of their up and coming PSN/XBLA release, the Capcom Arcade Cabinet.

Starting from February 19th till April, the developer will be releasing five individual game packs every two weeks, each of which will feature three games from their classic 1984-1988 arcade catalogue.

The collection, which features games such as Black Tiger, Commando, Ghosts 'n Goblins, and 1942, has been given the HD treatment along with other features such as online, co-op multiplayer modes, and achievements/trophies.

The first three games to be released will be Black Tiger, which will be free in the pack, 1943: Battle of Midway, and Avenger. This first collection will be available in North America for $4.99, whilst European games will be able to purchase it the next day for 3.99 (£3.19).

Individual games will be available to buy, however Capcom have stated that XBLA users will not be able to buy either 1943: Battle of Midway or Avenger on their own.

For a full list of all the games that will be included and the dates for the releases, please go to the following link.


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