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Capcom Shows Off the Latest from Deep Down

Remember Deep Down? It was still one of the best looking games shown off at the initial Playstation 4 reveal last year and wasn't at E3 2014 in playable capacity. A trailer was released to prove that the game is still in the works for those concerned about it's development struggles especially with the new Panta Rhei engine. Last night, Capcom released a new gameplay video for Deep Down with the Tokyo Game Show around the corner.

New areas were shown along with co-op with up to four players. The game definitely still looks like a fusion of Dragon's Dogma and Dark Souls with amazing graphics. Capcom did say that the beta has been pushed back to sometime in 2015, which is unfortunate but not surprising considering how much the game is done.
Expect more Deep Down at the Tokyo Game Show next month and likely at Sony's pre-TGS conference next week.


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