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Classic White PS3 Bundle Out on January 27 with Playstation Plus

Sony revealed today that the ‘Classic White’ PS3, which is already available in Japan, will be coming to North America on the 27th January.

First announced this morning on Sony’s official PlayStation blog, the new PlayStation will be sold as a bundle, costing gamers $299 upon its release at the end of the month.

Within the package buyers will find both the latest slimmer and lighter PS3 model in ‘Crystal White‘, with a 500GB memory and a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus, which is normally priced at $49.99.

Plus features include online discounts and the Instant Games Collection, which allows users to download games such as inFamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, at no extra cost.

According to Sony, the ‘Crystal White’ PS3 is being made available as a direct response to a large number of requests, calling for the company to bring the white PS3 to North America.

A European release date is still yet to be discussed by Sony, which will undoubtedly start tongues waging across the pond.

However, with a pretty hefty price tag hanging over its head and new console expected sometime in the near future, will gamers pay out for another PS3? Or will they save their money for Sony‘s next gen addition? Share your thoughts down below.


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