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Cliff Bleszinski Is Leaving Epic Games

Design director Cliff Bleszinski, otherwise known as CliffyB, has announced he is leaving Epic Games to figure out what is next for him and his career. Cliff has been working at Epic for 20 years from the Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, and Gears of War franchises. He was also the known public figure of the company as he tends to give out demos of whatever Epic has up to at press conferences such as E3, GDC, etc. Even if you don't know who else works at that company, you would know Cliff because of how much he made a mark in the gaming industry when he first started. The official announcement link on Epic's web site above has his farewell thoughts and personal note to his colleagues that are still working there.

With Cliff gone from Epic Games, what is next for the company? They are still hard at work on Unreal Engine 4 for PCs and the next generation of consoles. In addition, they are also working on FortNite, which debuted at last year's Spike TV Video Game Awards. It is going to be tough to find someone as good and known as Cliff for the future. Who knows where he will end up next since he wants to take a much deserved break from the industry, but we look forward to what he decides to go next in his career.



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