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Cole and Jak/Daxter Join Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale’s Roster

The roster for Sony and Superbot's Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale continues to expand, with some new additions having been announced in the last two weeks. Last weekend at Comic-Con, two Sony staples were confirmed as playable fighters. Cole McGrath from the Infamous franchise will bring his talents to the field (this will also make for his second appearance in a fighting game—the first being Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken as a PS3 exclusive). He did not receive much play time in the tournament scene as a playable fighter in Capcom's game due to the fact he was only a Playstation 3 exclusive, but he will finally get more of the spotlight in Superbot's take on the Super Smash Bros. formula. His super moves consist of his various powers from the Infamous games, such as ice for his level 2 and the ability to control a tornado at level 3.

Jak and Daxter are the other characters revealed last weekend. Their character models are from Jak 2 and 3, complete with guns to make up some of their primary offensive moves. Jak's super powers allow him to transform between his dark and light versions to kill off the opposition for points. The trailer below features the two new characters in action along with the rest of the roster that has been confirmed so far.

Also in that trailer are two other characters that were revealed at the Evolution Championship Series, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world. Heihachi Mishima from the Tekken franchise and Toro, a PS3 exclusive in Street Fighter X Tekken, will also join the ranks of Playstation All-Stars. Heihachi will appear in his Tekken Tag Tournament 2 form, bringing most of the moves that made him famous from over the years there as well. He is no stranger to being a guest fighter in various games since he was also in the PS2 version of Soul Calibur II. Toro has been known as a Playstation mascot-of-sorts over in Japan, so it is no surprise he is playable in this game. Another video (see below) that was premiered at Evo during a panel showcases the combo potential of the game done by some of the Superbot team, who are also experienced members in the fighting game community. A new stage was announced at Comic-Con that has Uncharted and Warhawk elements. The next time Superbot will announce more characters and possibly another stage will be at Gamescom, Europe's public-accessible version of E3. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is still expected to come out on October 23, so there's always potential for Sony to come up with more surprises to get players more excited for this fighting game.


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