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Comic-Con 2012 Movies: Oz The Great and Powerful

The Oz: The Great and Powerful panel during Disney's time in Hall H this year began with a career montage to director Sam Raimi. The director then hit the stage to discuss the film, referring to Comic-Con as “my home away from home.”

A clip showcased a black-and-white, standard-aspect ratio Kansas that becomes a colored, widescreen Oz, promising for something of an homage to The Wizard of Oz as opposed to simply being a prequel.

Following the clip, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams, who play eventual Wicked Witch of the West Theodora and good witch Glinda, respectively, made their way to the stage. The former described her character as very naïve, while the latter character asks Franco if he’s “the great man we’ve been waiting for.” From that, it seems that there might be some prophecy narrative in the land of “Oz.” On a less narrative note, Raimi purists needn’t worry, as the token Oldsmobile Classic will make an appearance in “Oz,” though it’ll just be the engine this time around.

During the Q&A, someone asked about the ruby slippers. MGM has those rights, so ruby slippers won’t be seen in “Oz” this time around.

From Raimi on other questions, the film is a prequel to the L. Frank Baum book but will lovingly reference the Judy Garland-led musical classic from 1939. Also, the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man will not be seen in “Oz,” as the happenings in the plot predate their appearances. Check out the newly released teaser for the film below.


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