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Comic-Con 2012 Movies: Wreck-It Ralph, Lone Ranger

Disney closed out its 2012 presentation with Wreck-It Ralph, a panel that featured director Rich Moore and voice actors John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman. The first five minutes of the film screened, as did five minutes from other portions of the film. Jokes about the graphics of older and less technologically advanced games pop up, as do ones regarding modern video games. As one might have guessed thanks to the trailer, lots of popular video game characters appear in the film.

During the discussion, Reilly joked that voice-acting is fun because he doesn’t have to worry about how he looks. The question of using certain characters also came up. Moore initially joked about getting the rights to Mario and Luigi, but later actually talked about the process of getting rights to certain characters. Reilly made a quip about how gaining rights to the character Frogger would be relatively easy.

Disney then surprised those at the panel with a teaser for the Gore Verbiniski-helmed Lone Ranger, which stars Armie Hammer as the titular hero and Johnny Depp as his sidekick Tonto. From Screenrant:

“There was a big emphasis on the development of railroads, via Tom Wilkinson narration. It felt very large in scope, a la the Pirates of the Caribbean with a western flavor. Pretty serious in tone, with some stylized action beats reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes (but not so over the top). Disney might have something pretty cool here with Lone Ranger – even if it does cost WAY too much.”


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