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Constantine Will Return In Season 4 of Arrow

"To TV Hell And Back"
Some characters were never meant to have their own show -- that doesn't mean we write them off entirely. Despite¬†Constantine's recent cancellation after only 13 episodes on NBC, Matt Ryan will reprise his role as John Constantine in the fifth episode of the upcoming season of The CW's Arrow. ARROW CONSTANTINE Adapted from DC's Hellblazer comics, John Constantine is an occult detective of waning faith who defends our world from dark forces that would see us all destroyed. Suitably titled "Haunted," the episode of¬†Arrow will see Oliver Queen enlisting the help of Constantine when he faces off against an enemy beyond the power of his bow and arrow. Constantine's presence on Arrow will have some massive implications for the popular show. Up until now, the show relied on science for its more fantastical elements; now we will see overwhelming confirmation of the existence of magic within The CW's DC universe. Fans have assumed something like this would happen for quite a while. When Constantine's future seemed in jeopardy a few months ago, Stephen Amell took to Twitter and offered up the presence of Oliver Queen as a potential means of bolstering the show's audience -- to no avail. Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 7.28.23 PM Fans seem to have a way of getting what they want these days. If Constantine's presence on The CW is well received, perhaps we could hope to see more cameo appearances in the future. Are you excited for Constantine's return? Do you think he and Oliver Queen will work well together? Comment below and get the conversation rolling!    


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