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Donna Smoak Will Return In Arrow’s Fourth Season

One of the more surprising additions to Season 3 of Arrow was the introduction of Felicity Smoak’s sexpot mother, Donna. If you enjoyed her lighthearted presence, then prepare for some good news. TVLine reports that actress Charlotte Ross will return as the lovable — if not too bright — Donna Smoak in the sixth episode […]

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Gotham Adds Female Firefly For Second Season

True to form, Gotham has continued to add Batman villains — both classic and obscure — to its already impressive ensemble. Now, things among the rogues seem set to heat up — terrible pun intended. According to TVLine, the second season of Gotham will see the introduction of long-time Dark Knight rogue Firefly — only […]

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Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Review

Ah, do we look on anything more fondly than our memories of summer camp? While no one likely ever really thought we needed a sequel to the 15-year-old Wet Hot American Summer — let alone an entire season of TV — it works so well that we struggle to figure out why it did not […]

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Constantine Will Return In Season 4 of Arrow

Some characters were never meant to have their own show — that doesn’t mean we write them off entirely. Despite┬áConstantine‘s recent cancellation after only 13 episodes on NBC, Matt Ryan will reprise his role as John Constantine in the fifth episode of the upcoming season of The CW’s Arrow. Adapted from DC’s Hellblazer comics, John […]

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CBS Confident in Supergirl’s “Broader Audience” Compared to Gotham

With DC properties slowly but surely establishing a firm monopoly on our nightly television programming — not that there’s anything wrong with that — it was only a matter of time before certain programs began to butt heads. In classic DC fashion, the battle will pit World’s Finest properties against one another — specifically Gotham […]

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