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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PS3) Review

Counter-Strike is nothing new to old school PC gamers and some gamers find themselves comparing modern shooters to the original first-person shooter mod to Half-Life. However, with the addition of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released on consoles for the first time, people not familiar with the game can join in, and either become obsessed with being the best or turned-off from the veterans who transferred his or her skills from mouse to controller.

Not much change has happened with Counter-Strike to its newest release Global Offensive. The game is still as addictive and challenging, but this time gamers are paying instead of downloading C-S for free. More or less, it’s an HD version of a cult classic with new weapons, game modes, and matchmaking. Unfortunately, new maps were not added for the classic modes in the game.
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The game includes four modes: Arms Race, Demolition, Classic Casual, and Classic Competitive. The rules and rewards vary amongst the modes; receiving weapons or money to purchase weapons, and winning by killing with every weapon or completing objectives. Arms Race and Demolition are the newest modes introduced in Global Offensive, and seem to have been made with console gamers in mind. Team-based, Arms Race throws you into one of two unique maps, which are obviously insta-kill death-zones. Each time you earn a kill your gun changes, eventually ending with a final kill with a knife to win the game. Demolitions and its maps are less hectic than Arms Race, with less downtime between rounds and requiring more strategy. The mode can be played on six different maps, which are good practice for new players to Counter-Strike.

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Cross-platform multiplayer was ditched and limited only to PC and Mac due to the differences in frequent updates amongst the systems. In addition, the matchmaking system, similar to the Elo rating system, matches players by skill, so if you are new to C-S you will less likely find yourself matched with veterans.

Coming back to Counter-Strike on a console was fun and refreshing, but the experience is always best on the PC. For those new to the franchise, give it a shot, especially if you are strictly a console gamer. Veterans to the series may find themselves more frustrated due to the the differences in precision with a controller compared to a mouse. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now available in North America and Europe for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox LIVE Arcade, and PlayStation Network for $14.99 or equivalent in points.




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