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Daniel Craig Likely to Star in Two More ‘Bond’ Films

Sight-unseen skepticism greeted Daniel Craig as he assumed the role of martini-loving spy James Bond, but he won over audiences in Casino Royale. As his third Bond film Skyfall debuts in November, we learn that we can expect two more Bond films in his arsenal.

James Bond fan site M16 reports that Craig is under contract to star “in at least five films in the EON Productions series.” EON began writing the screenplays for Craig’s remaining two Bond films, but the actor expressed that he won’t sign on for more work until after the year is over.

It’s not out of the question for Craig to leave the franchise when his contract is up: Sean Connery, the longest-running Bond, ditched the role before his contract expired, as did Timothy Dalton. However, if he does stay with the role through the remainder of his contract, he’ll be the third longest-running Bond. Craig's previous comments about playing the part indicate he's likely to see it through.

Skyfall, Craig's third adventure as the man with the license to kill, hits Nov. 9.


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