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Dark Horse Cleans Up Stumptown Awards

For the past ten years, the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland Oregon issues awards to nominees chosen by a panel of judges, journalists, and retailers. You may have missed it or maybe you didn't, lets not take put words in your mouth, but on April 27 our friends at Dark Horse walked away with a dramatic four wins.

The delightful cartoonist/comic vanguard Jen Vaughn presented the awards via Twitter.


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So. Who won? Who lost? Who hooked up with who at the after party? Well a lady never asks and a gentleman never tells, but we can give you a list of Darkhorse's wins. 

Best Artist - Juanjo Guarnido for Blacksad: A Silent Hell

Blacksad, as you all might know, is the dark, gritty comic that involves anthropomorphized animals noir-ing it up among themselves. A Silent Hell, other than being a badass noir title, is another installment in the series.

Best Publication Design - Cary Grazzini for Blacksad: A Silent Hell

The biggest strength of Blacksad is its amazing art, so it's not surprising that that's decimating the competition. There should be a cat pun here, come back to me.


Best Cartoonist
- Carla Speed McNeil for Finder: Talisman

Talisman, another story in the long line of the science fiction title Finder, deals with a mysterious book and a kid looking for magic in the everyday world.

Best Letterer - Carla Speed McNeil for Finder: Talisman

Man, Carla, you're unstoppable.

Finder Cover
Well, that's it dear readers. If you haven't picked any of these award winning titles up yet, do it. And remember: never get into a contest with Carla Speed McNeil. She'll rip you apart.


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