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David Morrissey Joins AMC Pilot Line of Sight

AMC has decided to hedge its bets with its current stars, who appears on one of the most popular shows on television. They have cast a popular actor on their new pilot, a drama featuring David Morrissey, one of the stars of their hit The Walking Dead. He plays The Governor on the popular show, and has also appeared in various films such as The Reaping and The Other Boleyn Girl. The new series is titled Line of Sight, and it appears that the series will even be filmed in the same location as The Walking Dead, making it easy for Morrissey to work on both projects at the same time.

After initially being signed on for season 3 only and fearing that his character might die off, he was brought on for the fourth season and recently appeared at Comic-Con with the rest of the cast. Line of Sight will tell audiences the story of Lewis Bernt, who is played by Morrissey, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator. His character survives a plane crash, and then embarks on an emotional and mysterious journey as he works to discover the cause of the accident. Another member of the cast has already been announced: Kai Lennox, who will play Tony Vie, one of the victims of the crash. If AMC's hit shows of the present and past can tell you anything, this will likely be a huge hit with audiences.

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